backpack.tf is the leading economic resource for Team Fortress 2.

Traders trust backpack.tf to supply and decide accurate pricing information in a clear and democratic voting process.

Press Kit
About our statistics

Stats are gathered by parsing inventories as they are loaded on-site. We log every new item we see to Elasticsearch, and this information is used to populate data for item histories, the Premium search system, and of course detailed statistics for each item.

There are, however, some caveats to doing this:

  • We are unable to process private inventories. Items in a private inventory are considered to not exist until the inventory is made public or traded to a public inventory.
  • As of October 2014, inventory privacy has been set to Friends Only by default. Because of this, inventories of many casual users cannot be counted.
  • We will always lag behind by a few minutes. Displaying up-to-date statistics on items is an expensive process, so extensive use of caching is done to make sure we don't hit the item index too hard.
  • Some statistics such as owner count are a little fuzzy for performance reasons.

In other words, don't expect perfect statistics, as this is unfortunately impossible to guarantee.

About the project

backpack.tf spun out of Meet the Stats / stats.tf; a project created by Steve "Brad Pitt" Rabouin in 2012. Receiving many updates over the years, the project had a major overhaul to coincide with the ten-year anniversary.

This project is mostly maintained by fisk . Past developers include:

  • Dr. McKay website
  • cares (various mainstay community-requested features)
  • Joshua "Geel" Coffey (API support)
  • Jesse Cardone (API support)
  • Tyrelle Phillips (original 2022 concept design)
  • Nikki (particle effect image contributions)
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