If you're used to the old backpack.tf interface you remember, don't panic! Everything you can do on the old interface, you can do here, plus more. It may take a little bit to get used to, but it's worth it, we promise.

This ain't just a redesign. Many new community-requested features have made it into this new interface. There's a great new way to access our item statistics, and many new bits of information have been brought to the forefront.

The Filter Bar

This replaces the item filter modal, which was the main way to build a search on the old interface. Several new filters have been added for various search sections. Try it in action on the new Aggregations pane.

On the Classifieds, there are many new filtering tools. Use the Ignore List to selectively hide users from your searches, or use the Source filter to hide listings from Bots, and vice versa.

Some new leitmotifs

  • Items can now always be clicked on. Clicking an item will do different things depending on context. This will make casual browsing way faster once you get used to the new interface.
  • Listings and items now have their own dialogs. Try clicking an item for a listing, and then click it again.
  • If you are looking for the 'Stats' button to find the old-style stats page, click the item's price on the popover instead.
Things you will probably ask about...

Where's the Unusuals pricelist?

The new Items list now covers it. You can filter by Quality, Class and Slot, and these filters will be remembered upon return to the page.

The pricelist also now contains virtually every item in our price index without any compromises, if you want to find items that way.

Fundamental issues with the effects list have been solved, and you've never ever seen it load faster. Also integrated are filters to help you find effects only available to certain slot types.

I want more options on the filter bar by default.

You can set it to whatever you want to.

This button is always in the left-hand navigation bar.

Where's the SteamRep/VAC/Trade Ban status?

It's still there! This information is simply just not displayed if there are no bans to report.

How do I add and remove listings?

The fastest way is to use the button in the top navigation bar. All untradable items are filtered out, and you can list many items at once.

Mass-adding multiple items of a certain type is easy: just set the filters, and hit 'Select All'.

My Listings now contains the controls for you to mass-remove listings.

How do I tag an item?

These options have been moved to the item history dialog. Just click on it.

You can now use any color to tag your items, and tags will also appear on your classifieds listings.

Why redesign it?

Various reasons:

  • This new interface consumes way less bandwidth after initial load, so it should be way faster on a slow connection.
  • The old interface has some fundamental issues that makes it unpleasant to change.
  • This isn't just a redesign! Many new features, including popular userscripts, have been integrated.
  • We really don't have anything better to do.

If you are still too unsure, you can still use the old interface for a bit. This will remain for only as long as feedback is given. When there are no more missing use cases reported by users, this interface will be removed.

What's new? Features exclusive to the beta UI
Improved Filtering
New filtering tools and filters across all search systems.
Unified Pricelist
A lightweight, queryable pricelist design.
Flexible listings
New controls to update listing details at any time.
A new way to see statistics across any metric.
Snapshots & Trends
New tools reveal previously unseen Classifieds records.
Dupe Tracking
Duplicate items are now tagged everywhere.
Custom Name DB
A new Premium feature for custom name lookup.
List Anywhere
Click the + from any page to place a listing.
Collector DB
A new Premium feature for item collector aggregation.
Marketplace.TF listings
Cross-post your shop items to backpack.tf.
Improved Text Editing
A new text editor for price suggestors.
Market Spots
Improved customisation of the dashboard.
Suggestion Drafts
Create your suggestion now, publish it later.
Suggestion Queue
A more intuitive interface to voting.
Tagging 2.0
New tagging options and increased visibility.
Trust 2.0
Attach files to negative trust ratings.
New dark theme and OS color scheme detection.
Improved Touch UI
Smoother touch navigation with item double-tap.
Drill down into any statistics view you can think of.
Native App
Add backpack.tf to your home screen.
Improved support for spells across the board.
War Paints
War Paint filtering for search and dedicated item list.
Ignore List
Filter users from your Classifieds searches.
Inventory Export
Feature redesigned for granular download.
Click to Copy
Improved accessibility for item information.
Item History Export
Get item history data in CSV format.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Faster navigation for power users.
Compare 2.0
Improved interface with collapsible sections.
Compare Shortcuts
Jump from item history to inventory comparisons.
Significant Figures
Improved support for items worth less than 1¢.
Inventory 2.0
New sorting and filtering tools and saved view settings.
Markdown 2.0
A more expressive inventory markdown tool.
Universal Search
Improved clarity on search results.
Unpriced Variants
Stats pages now show unpriced variants.